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Everybody masters new skills at a slightly different rate. If you play piano, for example, you can learn to type rather quickly. People with special needs or Seniors with a touch of arthritis will learn comfortably at a more leisurely pace. We invented the software technology that allows programs like ours to interact and respond to these individual differences.

Adaptive programming began over two decades ago when Ainsworth developed the first interactive software program that creates lessons and drills matched to each person. Our original Typing Tutor, sold through both Microsoft and IBM, was the first program where interval timing was used to measure and record response times for each key. Today, this innovation and others we have developed give you the only software that creates an ideal learning situation over this extremely wide range.

When you use any Ainsworth product, you will learn keyboarding skills at a pace that is ideal for you. Whether your fingers are more comfortable with Chopin or Chopsticks, we will detect these differences and create a learning environment that is efficient, comfortable, and even fun.

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