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Dick Ainsworth photographsIf you would like to see some of the other things that interest me, check out my photography web site. My photography includes both traditional film camera techniques and digital imaging technology.

Handsome photo by Tom DeFantiMy manuals and how-to-program books introduced several of the early personal computer systems, including the first Microsoft BASIC with Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and Bally Basic for the Bally computer.

The Computer Learning Lab was an interactive book/software combination for the Sinclair Z-80 and the Radio Shack Color Computer that included software programs on audio tape cassettes. I also developed a wide variety of software from personal productivity and time management systems to game simulations.

When I created the original Typing Tutor, sold by both Microsoft and IBM, I developed the interval timing techniques that monitor individual response times for the keys. This allowed me to detect fast and slow keys, and to vary the program lessons as a person learns. My Typing Tutor was the first educational product to apply user modeling and to actually create individualized lessons based on a person's typing skill. This first typing program was the most popular educational software available for many years.

keyboardSince today's computers are much larger and more powerful than those early machines, I am now able to create software that's a great deal more complex than the first interval timing model. It is now possible for my current typing software, the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer, to focus on helping people create text instead of just developing copy typing skills. I do this by combining several cognitive modeling techniques from artificial intelligence programming with my original response time monitoring concepts. This results in a program that helps people type as fast and as well as they think. If you don't type, this program will teach you the basics faster than any other method. And if you already type, this program can improve your ability to communicate easily and well with any email or word processor software.

KeypadIf you now enter numbers in your computer or calculator by poking at the keypad with your index finger, it's a sure bet that you will be amazed at how the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer will make your life easier. Your checkbook will balance without effort and your spreadsheets will sing and dance. Training yourself to enter numbers without looking at the number keypad makes all the difference. Each number will have a distinct "feel," giving you a cross-check that speeds your work and eliminates keying errors.Ainsworth Computer Seminar

The Ainsworth Computer Seminar was my first major experiment with hypertext. This is exciting because I see hypertext and the Internet combining to form an entirely new vehicle for authors to explore.

I have chosen to use this hypertext medium to share with you some of the things I have learned about computers, software, and creative thinking in general. You can get a free copy of the seminar from at this link.

Dick and Pat at CanterburyIf you are a curious and creative person, take a look at my seminar. You get to decide how much technical stuff you want to deal with asI show you several programs and explain how computers do THAT. I will also show you flow charts and diagrams to illustrate what is going on inside. And if you are interested in learning about programming, I will share with you a tool kit of ideas and techniques.



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