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This special word processor is included with the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer and is designed specifically for creating and printing letters, reports, and similar documents. The simple instructions for writing, saving, and printing anything can be mastered in minutes. Editing tips show how to modify and improve copy.

Helpful information for writers includes suggestions for using outlines, and even a complete section on how to get unstuck when your writing is stuck. With only ten buttons and only ten obvious functions to learn, the Ainsworth Writer can be used immediately by anyone who has mastered basic keyboarding skills.

Ainsworth Writer controls

This program also makes an ideal introduction to the Internet by showing how links and other common browser functions work. Again, the controls are simplified and limited to the back, forth, and home buttons that are required to navigate the information easily.

One of the ten basic functions is activated with the Help button which switches from the word processor to the self-teaching mode. This built in course teaches the fundamentals of writing, editing, and printing. And there's even a section of writing tips where I share some of the most important things I've learned in my career as a professional writer. Learning to edit on screen, for example, is one of the things that beginning writers can use to make an instant improvement in their ability to write fluidly and well.

Thoughts made visible

writer pixNothing is more exciting than seeing how easy it is to visualize ideas on screen -- once the keyboard has been mastered and typing is completely automatic. Word processors can improve writing skills because they separate the "writing" and "publishing" functions. Ideas may be expressed quickly and easily. Changes and improvements are easily made. And only when the final result is satisfactory, is the copy printed.

These basic advantages of writing with a computer are common to all word processing programs. Unfortunately, most "full featured" word processors include dozens of commands, buttons, and publishing options that make them difficult to use and even harder to figure out. This is especially true if all you want to do is type a simple letter or compose an email message.

Ainsworth Writer is the "writer's" word processor. It is simple, direct, self-teaching and completely adequate for beginning writers who are just starting to use the computer to express and publish ideas, as well as anyone else who doesn't need all the publishing functions for changing type, adding pictures, and making headlines.


Advanced publishing options

Documents created with this program may be saved and easily transferred to desktop publishing or other word processing software. The basic skills learned with the Ainsworth Writer and the commands we use for writing, editing, saving, and printing documents are common to all word processors and email programs.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,