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10 key trainingTen-key training software for individuals, schools, and corporations


Our training software designed for the number keypad can be used independently or combined with keyboard training. The computer-generated lessons automatically match any educational requirement from students with special needs to adult education.

KeypadPersonalized lessons - teach faster and easier

Prescription Drills - provide automatic error checking

Keypad Tests - computer-generated test data

Printed and on-screen reports - document results

Number Cruncher! - games add a little fun

Decimal option - for banking or for general calculations

Auto-Help - provides on-screen instructions

Report Management - create class and individual reports

Installation Options - all Windows networks or individual computers


Personalized lessons

Keypad LessonDo you need a refresher course, a slower-paced course for a student with special needs, or anything in between? The Ainsworth Keypad Trainer can meet all your classroom needs automatically because we use the computer to create each lesson individually. The lessons advance automatically at a pace that's matched to each student. Practice sessions may be of any length, from a few minutes to hours at a time.

The keypad can be learned in less time because these lessons are automatically matched to each individual's speed and dexterity. So learning is faster and easier, and with much less effort. If a student is a little slow on some of the number keys, this program detects these differences and offers more practice until each key is mastered before introducing a new key.

This software program is used as both an enrichment package for the regular keyboarding classes and as a job-related training system for students who will be using form-fill and other keypad input.

Personalized lessons quickly prepare students for accurate data entry with any spreadsheet program.


Prescription Drills provide automatic error checking

Performance GraphIt's true that practice makes perfect, but only if the practice makes sense! Prescription Drills are the answer to keypad mastery. First, we detect hesitations and weak keys. Then we adjust each drill to emphasize specific key combinations. This focused learning breaks the pattern of looking at the keys while keying in numbers.

Each drill is individually created to strengthen the weaker keys. As soon as a person stops looking at a specific key, the software detects this change and adjusts the next drills to focus on the remaining slower keys. This process is automatic and continuous.

Prescription Drills may be used at any time for a custom practice session that's focused and efficient.


Keypad Tests

You select from five formats and the program will generate a unique test. All tests are automatically presented and scored. Test results are shown on screen and included on the printed reports which are always available. Each test consists of 51 computer-generated numbers in a column format.

Keypad TestsSmall Numbers Test -- 1 to 3 digits
Medium Numbers Test -- 2 to 4 digits
Large Numbers Test -- 3 to 5 digits
Numbers and Decimals -- numbers with decimals
Dollars and Cents -- numbers in dollar notation

Instant Replay option shows keypad efficiency in accelerated animation. This illustrates clearly the time penalty for making and correcting errors. The replay is also fun to watch.

Review Test option allows the student to return to the test and see the corrected result. Any errors that were left on the screen are highlighted.

Print Test Results option at the conclusion of each test provides complete documentation of each test with both test statistics and a graded report of the test as typed. This printout of the actual test may only be selected immediately after the test is taken.


Data Entry Tests

Data Entry TestsData entry tests include Names and Addresses, Mixed Data, and Standard Test. Both form-fill and text options are available in three formats. All Data Entry Tests are timed writings of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 minute duration.

Standard text editing commands are available for entering both text and numbers. You can easily match a wide variety of workplace requirements by selecting from the format and the data options.


Names and Addresses practice uses data created from internal lists of name, address, and zip code. These tests will never repeat and may be used as often as desired.

Mixed Data practice combines random numbers in either form-fill or block text mode. These tests also never repeat.

Standard Test practice combines both keyboard and keypad skills in a variety of data entry formats. This test format may be used as is for a continuous source of test material, or it may be altered with your own custom test data.


Custom Tests

Custom TestsCustom tests and practice sessions are easily added to the Keypad Trainer. You can use this customizing feature to automatically present and score any standardized test, or to easily and quickly create your own special series of tests based on special needs or interests.

Personnel and training departments often use this customizing feature to create tests from data that mirror job situations, such as actual customer names and addresses, order numbers, telephone or VIN numbers, SKU inventory, and similar sources.


Performance Verification

A complete, graded copy of each test may be printed immediately after each test has been completed and the Print Test Results option is shown. This printout includes the statistics as shown in the test report, as well as a complete copy of the text as typed. Any errors left on screen while typing the test will be individually marked in the printed report. The Review Test option may be viewed before the report is printed. If another test is selected, or if another section of the program is selected from the menu, the Print Test Results option is no longer available for the test just completed.

In repeat testing situations, it may be helpful to allow each person to sign in, take a specific test, and print the results without storing a permanent history file on the computer. If so, the Ainsworth Keypad Options program may be used to select the option titled No history files saved in the history files section.


Best Performance Index

Best Performance IndexThere is something definitely lacking in a group of test scores that only focus on speed and how many errors were made.

A better idea is to also show how well someone did during a test, and this is what we monitor using our exclusive Best Performance Index.

We created this evaluation technique because we felt that a computer should be smart enough to do more than just count mistakes. After the test is finished, our program scans the entire test and calculates where this person was typing the fastest, with the lowest error rate.

As it turns out, our industrial clients love the Best Performance Index because it more accurately shows what a person will do on the job. Students like it because tests are friendlier when Best Performance is highlighted. And we think it's neat to use the computer for something that's more complicated than just adding up errors.


Printed and on-screen reports

Documentation that summarizes all aspects of a student's progress may be viewed or printed at any time. Since individual students may be learning the keypad at very different rates, printing this report at specific stages in their training will help track progress.

Status Report summarizes the total picture at a glance. The number of lessons, the number of drills completed, and the best speed achieved to date with no errors are also displayed.

Keypad Tests show complete scores for the five keypad tests. Standard information for each test includes the number of keys typed, average speed in keys per minute (kpm), errors left on the screen, and total time. Average speed and accuracy for each test are calculated and displayed. The Best Performance Index is also calculated and shown for each test completed.

Data Entry Tests show similar statistics for the five data entry tests. Since these tests may be of any length, it is important to note the number of words typed for each test and the time selected in minutes. These test scores also include standard statistics and the Best Performance Index.

Progress Graph compares percentile scores for each of the keypad number keys. The height of each bar in the graph reflects both accuracy and speed. Uneven bars indicate that some keys have been learned and some have not.

Game Scores shows both the record high scores and scores for the last game played in all five categories. These totals are a good index of overall keypad efficiency when operating at maximum speed.

Print Test Report option at the end of each test may be used to create an individual printout for the test just taken.


Number Cruncher!

Number Cruncher! GameWe created Number Cruncher! for a totally different learning environment that matches the way people actually use computer number keypads.

Burst typing is our name for ultra-fast keying alternated with periods of rest. We create this on-and-off mode intentionally in our games. This game environment pushes people beyond what they think are limits of speed and accuracy. They discover that they can express whole numbers as a single action, without thinking of the individual keys. This is often exactly what is needed to break students away from the notion that they must use extreme care at a constant pace.

Game CategoriesFive categories are available in the game. If you select Lesson Keys Only, the game is limited to the keys that have been learned so far in the lessons. This choice allows people to use the games for practice, even though all the keys have not yet been learned. For some students, this break from the lessons is just what is required to maintain interest or to build speed and accuracy before continuing to learn new keys.


Decimal options

Decimal OptionsA special option allows you to include the decimal key or not. Your choice will depend on whether you use the number keypad in banking and financial applications, or in general calculations and spreadsheets.



Help is always just a click away. Pressing the help key at any time shows a special help screen that describes what is happening and explains what to do next. The first time a person ventures into a new section of the program, the Auto-Help function automatically provides this additional information and support. Thereafter, help is displayed only on request. This gentle but thorough electronic documentation system eliminates the need for manuals and printed text.


Report Management

The Ainsworth Report Manager is included in our network systems so that history files may be examined and printed from a remote location anywhere on the network.

Class reports may also be created and printed or saved as text files, providing a convenient method for archiving both individual and class records.


Installation Options

Installation and Setup Installation couldn't be easier with our CDs that include both network and stand-alone options. Several methods for storing history files and other options are available. In a network environment, you can select server-centered or client-centered installations. We also support terminal servers and similar thin client systems. For details, see Installation and Setup© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,