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The no-nonsense solution to effective computer trainingThis software program is the one resource you need to provide the full range of computer training for people of all experience levels.

You can easily create entry level typing instruction for people who have not used computers before. This training also provides improved efficiency and reduced error rates for people who use computers every day.

Secretarial typing programs can't prepare people for the wide range of computer applications, from creating documents and email to working with spreadsheets and form-fill applications. Ainsworth training systems provide a self-directed instruction network you can use at any level and for your entire corporation.

Instructor's Guide - Suggestions for using Ainsworth software in the classroom.

Ainsworth Keypad Trainer - Our companion software program for ten-key, spreadsheet, and data entry applications.


Computer training

self-paced lessonsSelf-paced lessons adjust automatically to each person. Physical factors as well as previous experience with typewriters or computers will determine how quickly a given person can learn the keyboard.

We adjust the pace of the lessons to match the individual. People who can learn quickly will move ahead quickly without wasting time.

Those who take a little longer are given as much time as they need without being pushed ahead too fast. Not only does this make training more efficient, it also makes it much more enjoyable because each person is learning at a comfortable and effective pace.

Practice sessions can be any length and can start and stop at any convenient interval. There are no canned lessons and no imposed schedule to meet.

Help is always just a click away. Pressing the help key at any time shows a special help screen that describes what is happening and explains what to do next. The first time a person ventures into a new section of the program, the Auto-Help function automatically provides this additional information and support. Thereafter, help is displayed only on request. This gentle but thorough electronic documentation system eliminates the need for manuals and printed text.

Self-correcting software automatically detects and corrects the six most common errors, such as having the hands off the home row keys or typing out of position. The Hands-ON! monitor automatically detects these common errors and quickly shows what's wrong and how to correct it. This rapid response and automatic correction removes frustrations, assures correct fingering in all the lessons and drills, and eliminates the need for visual clues and pictures of hands.

See Ainsworth Features for more details.


Skills improvement

Knowing what finger goes where on the keyboard is an important step, but it is not the final word as far as using computers efficiently and well. Even people who "know how to type" often use computers inefficiently because they look at or visualize certain keys.

Prescription Drills provide focused practice sessions that can be used at any time to improve skills and reduce errors. The software detects and eliminates hesitations automatically.

This interactive practice session and its focused learning technology can create more skills improvement in a few minutes than could be achieved with hours of standard typing practice. These interactive drills are especially effective in reducing error rates because they help people focus on the screen at all times.

This increased efficiency is equally important whether a person is composing original text, as with a word processor, or interacting with a form-fill screen, as in a typical order taking or data base application.


Word processing evaluation

Conventional typing tests are simply not adequate for evaluating performance with computer applications such as a word processor or data entry system. The text from any standard typing test can be used, but the keyboard itself must follow computer, not typewriter, conventions.

Our tests are completely computer-based and include automatic word wrap, backspace correction, and proper use of the Enter key for paragraphing. This allows each person to use the normal functions of the computer keyboard that are common to all word processors, email editors, order entry systems, and data base management products.


Job related testing

Eight standard word processing test formats are included with the program. You can use any word processing file to easily replace one or more of these to create your own test. All tests are presented and scored automatically, and may be printed as typed for a permanent record.

It is easy to customize our program by using documents that closely match actual work conditions, including lists of names and addresses, correspondence, and even a legal brief or medical document. Substituting your word processing file for any one of the eight word processing tests is a simple procedure. The first line in your document will be used by the program as the title for the test. This title will then appear automatically on the program menu and will be included in all printed reports.


Communication Skills

We include two separate enrichment programs to develop true communication skills. Simply learning to copy text is not enough, and the typing software based on typewriter models is simply inadequate.

Conversation PieceThe Ainsworth Conversation Piece is designed specifically to help people write efficiently and well.

We may think of "writing" as creating The Great American Novel or developing sitcom scripts for television. Many computer applications use compositional skills in addition to just copying information. Typing and thinking at the same time is a special ability that can be learned with considerable practice or trained rather quickly with this unique software program.

After basic keyboarding skills have been learned, the Conversation Piece provides compositional training with interactive conversations on screen. This bridges the gap between learning to copy text accurately and being able to write or compose freely on screen. For people using email, creating documents, or performing any task where on-screen thinking is required, this program is effective and enjoyable training for using the computer to enhance communication skills.

Ainsworth WriterThe Ainsworth Writer is a self-teaching word processor with only the most essential functions for writing, editing, and printing text. Consequently, it doesn't take extended instruction to be able to use this program to create letters, reports, and similar documents.

A brief writing course is also included to give beginning writers a few valuable pointers to make their writing easier and more effective.


Performance verification

You can document performance easily and automatically with either of two printed reports. At the conclusion of any test, the Test Report showing complete test results and scores for this test may be printed, including a graded copy of the text as typed. This report is ideal for verifying performance with your own standardized test.

You can also print a complete Summary Report listing showing performance on all keys, lessons and drills completed, and test scores on all tests. This report will accurately summarize skill level and track training progress.

Best Performance IndexBoth test reports will show test title, words typed, total time, words-per-minute, accuracy in percent, and total errors. In addition, we include our exclusive Best Performance Index.

This index is our own method for evaluating keyboarding performance. We average the top ten percent of the test and present this score in addition to the average speed and accuracy for the entire test. The Best Performance Index shows how a person performs when typing at the best speed and with no errors.

With the Best Performance Index you can look beyond the testing situation and accurately measure how well a person can type in a normal, non-testing environment.


Report Management

The Ainsworth Keyboard Manager is included in our network systems so that history files may be examined and printed from a remote location anywhere on the network.

Class reports may also be created and printed or saved as text files, providing a convenient method for archiving both individual and class records. The Ainsworth Sampler CD or download contains a working version of our report management system.


Easy installation

Installation and SetupInstallation couldn't be easier with our CDs that include both network and stand-alone options. We support all Windows networks, including terminal server installations and distance learning applications. Several methods for storing history files and other options are available. In a network environment, you can select server-centered or client-centered installations.

For details, see Installation and Setup.

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