Copyright © 1996-2014 by Dick Ainsworth. All rights reserved

I am publishing the Ainsworth Computer Seminar 1 on the Internet and distributing it on the Internet so that I can share it with as many people as possible. My text and software, however, are not in the public domain. The copyright notice is necessary to prevent others from publishing or selling my work without my permission. Some of the artwork used in Seminar 1 is copyrighted by various artists and should not be copied or used in any commercial setting or software product. The flowchart diagrams were created by me and may be used any way you like.

You are free to use any of this Seminar 1 material in a non-commercial or educational setting. You may install Seminar1 or the demo version of the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer 5 on any computer or network server.

The Seminar 1 programs are specifically designed so that they can be easily modified and expanded. My program modules and subroutines used in Seminar 1 are intended to be copied and used in writing other programs. Seminar 1 includes BASIC source code for the Seminar 1 programs. This code may be copied and used in personal or student projects without further permission from me.

If you create interesting variations on these programs, or if you have other ideas you wish to share, I would be glad to hear from you. Please understand that any material or ideas sent to me will become the non-exclusive property of Dick Ainsworth and Ainsworth & Partners, Inc. In short, I reserve the right to use or publish anything I receive. I will try to keep track of who sent what and acknowledge sources of material that I use. This may not always be possible, especially when I receive multiple contributions or suggestions on similar topics.

Much of what I know about computers has come through input from many friends. I value your opinion quite highly and welcome any suggestions or examples you have that could make my work more interesting, more accurate, more clear, or more fun.