Typing Tutor and Ten-Key training software for people, schools, and companies

Ainsworth & Partners is the leading developer of keyboard training software. We were the first to teach people to use computer keyboards with our Typing Tutor series developed for Microsoft and IBM. Today, our keyboard and keypad software is designed specifically to help people use computers as efficient communication tools.

Keyboard TrainerNo other typing software can match the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer 5 for fast, efficient mastery of the computer keyboard. Computer-generated lessons are automatically matched to each individual. Our exclusive Prescription Drills eliminate visualizations and improve writing skills. This product is focused on helping people write as fast and as well as they think, and is definitely not a secretarial typing course.

Keypad TrainerRunning numbers automatically with the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer 5 improves efficiency and eliminates keying errors while using any calculator, spreadsheet, or data entry system. The number keypad may be mastered separately, or used in conjunction with the keyboarding course. Either way, this separate program gets the job done quickly and easily with a permanent skill that can be learned in a surprisingly short time.

Ainsworth WriterThe Ainsworth Writer 5 is our word processing program for people who want to write letters, email, reports, and similar communications without having to master the full scope of complex word processing systems. Basic documents can be created easily with this self-teaching system that can be mastered in minutes by anyone with modest keyboarding skills. The Ainsworth Writer 4 is included with the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer 5.

Conversation PieceInteractive typed dialog with Conversation Piece 5 quickly establishes the link between creating and expressing ideas. Learning to type and think at the same time is the real objective of learning to keyboard effectively. This is the essential skill for operating any word processor, email program, spreadsheet, or other keyboard-based software. Our unique conversation program is included with the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer 5.

The Ainsworth Reporter Manager 5 is included in our network systems so that history files may be examined and printed from a remote location anywhere on the network. Class reports may also be created and printed or saved as text files, providing a convenient method for archiving both individual and class records. These reports include a performance summary report, test reports for any test, and game score results.

Computer SeminarThe Ainsworth Computer Seminar 5 is available on a continuing basis at no cost to schools and individuals who are interested in learning more about computers and how they work. The first volume in this series contains six program/examples written in QBASIC. Additional seminars will expand to include Visual BASIC, Java, and other programming techniques. The Ainsworth Computer Seminar is available from our web site.