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The Ainsworth Keypad Options program is a separate software program that you can run at any time to view or change several Keypad Trainer settings and options. In a classroom, for example, it may be helpful at times to restrict the sound effects of the typing games in the program to simple beeps.

OptionsThe options program that allows you to make these and similar changes quite easily is normally located in the same folder as the Keypad Training System files. When this Ainsworth Keypad Options program is run, changes are automatically saved and recorded in the Keypad ini file, an initialization file that determines which options have been selected.

It is not necessary to run Setup or install the original Ainsworth CD-ROM to view or adjust any of the following changes in the program configuration.


History files

Several different methods may be used for storing individual history files. If the Ainsworth Keypad Options program is not used to change these settings, the Multi-user open list is automatically selected as the Default in stand-alone installations.

One history file is stored automatically
This first option operates differently in the network installations and stand-alone installations. In both cases, a single file is maintained and stored automatically by the program.

Network installations.
In a network system, this option is used to automatically create a single history file that is stored in a specific folder on the network server. This folder is set as the Default location in a drive that contains individual folders for all users. The drive letter for storing history files must be specified to complete this option for history files.

Stand-alone installations.
With a single computer, this option creates one file only that is stored with the program in the program folder. If only one person is using the program, this automatic setting will be the easiest because the program automatically begins with that person's name. After entering a name once when the program starts, the user has only to click on the Ainsworth Keypad icon to continue using the program. The user can remove the name at any time and restart the program with a new name and new history file.

Password required for each user
Entering a password when the program starts automatically creates or selects the correct history file. These files are stored in the same location as the main program.

Multi-user open list. (Default in stand-alone mode)
This is the Default setting for the single-computer installation. A roster at the beginning of the program shows all current users in alphabetical order and allows each person to select his or her name. Any number of people may sign in and use the program. Names may be added to the list or deleted easily at any time.

No history files saved
In a testing and evaluation session you may not wish to create any permanent computer storage of test results. In this configuration, a person may use the program for a practice session, or take a specific test, without saving history files in any permanent location. Test results can be printed immediately after any test is taken. This documentation includes test scores and a graded copy of the test as typed.


Lesson Advance

In the Default mode, lessons may be moved manually by pressing the F2 or the F3 key. The F3 key moves ahead one lesson, and the F2 key repeats the previous lesson. If no progress is made and no new keys are learned after the change, the program will automatically revert to the place in the lessons where you were more successful at the next startup.

Option included (Default)
Lessons may be repeated or moved ahead manually with the F2 and the F3 keys.

Option removed
In the classroom, disabling the manual advance option may be necessary if students attempt to use the manual program advance feature inappropriately.



In the Default mode, all sound effect options are available and may be selected from the program menu. Program sounds are used for feedback and for special effects in the Number Cruncher! game. Silent operation is always an option at any time.

All sounds available from menu (Default)
The full range of sound effects may be selected, including silent operation, if desired.

"Beep" sounds only
In the classroom, sound effect options may be limited to simple beep sounds in both the program and the game. If this option is selected, students can select either the relatively quiet beep mode or silent operation.

Silent operation only
In the classroom, turning off all program sounds may be the only option if noise is a problem and students cannot be relied upon to select reasonable sound levels for the program and game. Silent operation can always be selected from the program Help menu at any time. If the silent option is selected here, no adjustment is possible from within the program. Operating the Keypad Trainer in silent mode eliminates the error beep which is a powerful teaching component.



The complete program documentation is normally available from the program menu.

Include documents in program menu (Default)
Documentation (including this document) may be opened and read at any time.

Do not include documents
The documents options are not included in the program menu.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,