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There are eight Word Processing Tests included with the program. These tests are created from the text files TEST1.WP through TEST8.WP that are stored in the same folder as the Keyboard Trainer program. Any of these text files that come with the program may be replaced by your own file to create a custom test.

The Keyboard Trainer program creates a test from any ASCII text file you wish, and automatically includes correct word wrap, correct paragraphing with the Enter key as required, and complete backspace functions. In other words, normal computer keyboard functions are preserved with whatever custom test file you wish to use.


The Notepad Editor or your word processor can be used to create a custom test. Your test is then presented and graded automatically. Test scores may be printed at any time. A printed copy of the test as typed may also be printed immediately after a test is taken.


Creating a custom test

Type a short test title on the first line. This line is removed by the program and used to create the title as it will appear on the program menu, test results, and printed reports. Do not leave a blank line between the title and the first line of your test. Beginning in the second line, type the test as you would like it to appear in the program. You may combine short lines (as with an address at the beginning of a letter) with regular word wrapped paragraphs. Create new paragraphs with the Enter key and then either indent five spaces or use a blank line between paragraphs. (Our software will automatically set the tab at five spaces and will set the right margin so that your copy will fit the screen.)

Save the test in ASCII TEXT format. The test should be given one of the names TEST1.WP through TEST8.WP, depending on which of the standard tests you wish to replace.

Replace the test file that comes with the program with your test file. When the program starts, your title will appear on the menu and may be selected, presented, and scored automatically.

You may wish to use COURIER font when you compose your test. It doesn't matter what font you use, but this will make your test look like the final copy. If you are using a word processor, be sure to save the file in ASCII TEXT format. When you exit the word processor, some programs will ask you if you wish to save the file again. Don't. This would save your test in standard word processor format and overwrite the ASCII TEXT file.

You can check your test by reading your saved file in the Windows Notepad or WordPad. If you see weird characters at the beginning of the file, you have saved your test in word processor format. If it looks normal (except for the title on the first line) then it will probably read fine in our program. Be sure to take the test yourself to check its accuracy.


A brief word of caution...

Modifying text files to match your specific requirement is an extremely powerful option with this software. I hope you will try this approach, but reasonable care is required to avoid a host of problems. Please try the word processing tests as they are originally supplied in order to see exactly how the software works before you make any changes. Also list the files that are supplied with the program and notice how they are formatted before you change anything.

I suggest using WordPad to make changes, and not a word processor, because saving files in a word processor can add extra characters that my program won't have the foggiest idea what to do with. Also, please stay away from Start.kb and other files that are not designed to be modified. If things should get really fouled up, just reinstall the program from the CD to restore all the data to its original state and try again.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,