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You can customize the data files that come with the program to create a variety of specialized tests that accurately match your specific workplace requirement. If you currently use a standard test, for example, you could automate your test by substituting your data for the standard test file that we supply.


Standard TestStandard Test

The Standard Test is presented in block text format, as shown on the right. The data for this test is contained in the file: StandardTestFile.txt. You can easily replace this file with any data listing you require, including catalog order information, ISBN numbers, telephone numbers, VIN's, zip codes, or whatever. Notice that the data file we use contains blank lines to separate the information. The program replaces these lines with light gray lines when the text is displayed. Without these separations it is very difficult to keep your place when taking the test.

One option you will want to consider is randomizing the data to create a unique test each time it is taken. As supplied, the file contains the word "RANDOM" at the beginning. This signals the program to randomly mix the data, using the blank lines to separate individual sections. If you would rather have exactly the same test presented each time, instead of being randomized, just remove the name "RANDOM" from the file. This file may be of any length, up to a maximum of 4000 lines. The program will automatically adjust to your file length, randomize the data if required, and insert single gray lines where there are one or more blank lines in your text.



Name/AdrThese tests in both the form-fill and block text mode are generated by data files that are supplied with the program. Each time this test is selected, the program creates a series of random selections, using one item from each list to create name/address items for the test. We were careful to make sure that the city/state/zip data is accurate so that zip code information would not be confusing to someone who regularly enters this type of data.

You will probably want to keep these files as is, but if you would like to substitute your own lists for the names, or the addresses, or the city/state/zip entries, you can do this easily. Files containing this data are conveniently named Names.txt, Streets.txt, and Cityzips.txt.


A brief word of caution...

Modifying data files to match your specific requirement is an extremely powerful option with this software. I hope you will try this approach, but reasonable care is required to avoid a host of problems. Please try the tests as they are supplied in order to see exactly how the software works before you make any changes. Also list the files that are supplied with the program and notice how they are formatted before you change anything.

I suggest using WordPad to make changes, and not a word processor, because saving files in a word processor can add extra characters that my program won't have the foggiest idea what to do with. Also, please stay away from and other files that are not designed to be modified. If things should get really fouled up, just reinstall the program from the CD to restore all the data to its original state and try again.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,