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If you simply want to learn to type and are not interested in changing the typing tests, requiring passwords, and other options, then the standard installation is fast and easy. Just select Install Software and Stand-Alone single computer installation from the opening screen to begin. Then select the "next" or "yes" button on each screen to quickly install the complete Ainsworth Keyboard Training System on your computer.


Starting the program

iconWhen the setup program has finished you will see this shortcut icon on your desktop. Just click on this icon to start the Keyboard Trainer program. The first time you use the program you will be asked to type your name. This signals the program to keep a permanent record of your progress so that you can stop and resume at any time.


Select a nameSelecting a name when the program starts

If several people will be using your program, you can add as many names as you wish. Each person who adds a name will have his or her history file maintained separately.




Learning to type

If you are new to touch typing, start with the Lessons and the Alphabet Keys. Lessons are not of any particular length. You can spend whatever time you wish, and the program will automatically advance as quickly as you learn new keys. After you have mastered these basics, use the Prescription Drills to improve your speed and accuracy.

You can use the Type-Oh! game to strengthen your skills. After you have mastered the first few keys, you may limit the game to the keys you have learned so far. You can also use the Word Processing Tests and the Basic Skills Tests to measure your performance.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,