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If you simply want to learn to use the number keypad and are not interested in changing the tests, requiring passwords, and other options, then the standard installation from the CD is fast and easy.

If you have a Network Version CD, select Install Software and Stand-Alone Computer to begin.

If you have a Single Computer Version CD, select Install Software from the opening screen to begin.

Then select the "next" or "yes" button on each screen to quickly install the complete Ainsworth Keypad Trainer on your computer.

If you would like to change the tests or set up any special options, check out Custom Configurations for details.


Starting the program

When the setup program has finished you will see this shortcut icon on your desktop. Just click on this icon to start the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer program. The first time you use the program you will be asked to type your name. This signals the program to keep a permanent record of your progress so that you can stop and resume at any time.


Type your name to begin

Type your nameJust type your name or pseudonym and press the Enter key. This signals the program to start a history file so that it can "remember" who you are and continue from where you left off.

Each time you exit the program, the computer will record your progress.



Select your name from the list

Select your nameIf you're the only person using the program, just press OK or double-click on your name.

If several people will be using your program, more names can be added. Each person who adds a name will have his or her history file maintained separately.




Start your keypad lessons

Just click on the Lessons button to begin learning the number keypad. As you will see on the opening screen, there are quite a few other options you will want to explore later. You can spend whatever time you wish with the keypad lessons, and the program will automatically advance as quickly as you learn new keys. After you've learned a few keys, can use the Number Cruncher! game to strengthen your skills. To return to this screen with all the choices, just select Using the program from the main menu.

After you've finished your keypad lessons, use the Prescription Drills(tm) to improve your speed and accuracy with the keypad.



helpThe F1 key is your Help button. Any time you want more information, just press F1 and the program will show you the details. When you first try something new, or go to a part of the program you haven't been to before, help will be shown automatically. After that, to see help just press F1.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,