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Try the Report Manager ProgramIf you have selected one of the teacher-generated methods for creating classes, you must use this program initially to create a class roster. If one if the student-generated methods has been selected, the Ainsworth Keypad Manager is strictly optional and may be used at any time to examine or manage student records.

With this program you can evaluate class or student performance in detail, print or archive for later analysis many types of reports, and even view individual student or class progress "live" in a network system.

Types of history files - Automatic, Password, and Roster files.

Creating a new class - Automatic or teacher-generated classes

Editing and deleting records - Add, delete, change student records.

Locating history files - View active or archived student records.

Try the demo first! - See how to create student and class reports.

The Editor - Sort student records and select or assign classes.

Class Reports - View progress reports, test scores, game results.

Individual Reports - Seven reports document individual progress.

RealTime Classroom Monitor - Class and student performance "live".

Printing and archival storage - Save printed reports or archive data.

Internet and wi-fi options - Internet connected or distance learning.

System security - Hacker proof this program and all student records.


Types of history files

There are several ways you can create and store student records. These and other options are selected when the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer program is first installed. These program settings can be examined and changed, if necessary, by using the Ainsworth Keypad Options program which is automatically included in the system setup.

A single drive letter is mapped to a student's personal folder when the student logs into the network. These assignments and associated passwords are created by the network system software. Student records for our program are automatically created when each student signs in with a network password and opens our program for the first time. You may use the Ainsworth Keypad Manager at any time to modify or delete student records.

A unique password is used by each student to open the program. These passwords, names, and optional class designations may be either open or closed. In an open system, students may create a new record by simply entering a new password. In a closed system, the Ainsworth Keypad Manager must be used to create a new student record and password.

A roster of names is presented when the program starts. Students simply select the appropriate name to begin. In an open system, students may add or remove names from the roster at any time. In a closed system, the Ainsworth Keypad Manager must be used to add to or alter the roster of student names.

This option for no records is useful in a testing or practice environment where students sign in, use the program, and then exit without saving any records. Test results may be printed for a permanent record before exiting the program.


Creating a new class or adding a new student to an existing class

When either the PASSWORD or the ROSTER method is selected, you may add or delete student names at any time.

When the AUTOMATIC method is used, students create their own records automatically by signing into the network with a network password. With the AUTOMATIC method you cannot add student names in advance. Network passwords and the associated map to a student folder are created at the network system level, not by our software.

The choice to allow students to create new history files - or to allow new files to be created only with the Ainsworth Keypad Manager - is made when the Ainsworth software is installed.

Class numbers may be added later or changed at any time when using the Keypad Manager. If class numbers are not selected when the program is installed, the students will not have the option of adding a class designation when creating a new history file.


Editing and deleting records

As soon as names are entered - whether by you or by the students - somebody will want to make a change. Fortunately, our software is smart enough to know that John Q Student is the same person as Student, John Q. We even let you mix and match both formats and sort by first or last name when viewing and printing records.

Class assignments are subject to changes. You may also decide at some point to create a separate class of students for evaluation or reporting purposes. In any event, you may edit the class number or the class name associated with each student whenever you wish.

Deleting student records couldn't be easier. The first time you use this option we will make sure that you mean to do this. After you have verified this once, you can delete as fast as you can click the button to remove a student or all students in a class. Before deleting class records, you may wish to archive the entire class history in a separate location for later review and analysis. 

Deletion is a permanent action. Please don't ask us to recover a student record that has been deleted by mistake. (But you might consider looking in the Windows Recycle Bin, just in case.)


Locating the history files

There are two ways to locate the history files you wish to analyze or edit.

Locate the Keypad Trainer Program.

Selecting the location of the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer program automatically displays all the files currently associated with this software.

If you are currently connected to the network where our software is located, this is your easiest choice.

Locate the folder where the history files are stored.

You will look for the folder where the files are stored if you are working off line, or if you wish to examine files that you have previously saved in a specific folder. This option allows you to copy history files to a folder, and review these class records at any time. You can then make comparisons, show progress in detail, and analyze any previous class.


Try the demo first!

Don't overlook the Demo Mode. We've added a sample group of willing students, separated into three classes, that you can experiment with to your heart's content. This cleverly designed addition to the program lets you try out all the powerful options for sorting, viewing, assigning, deleting, adding, and otherwise fussing with class records - without any possibility of making a mistake. Each time you select the Demo, you will see that the students are magically restored to their original configurations, ready for whatever manipulations you wish to explore next.


The Ainsworth Keypad Manager opening screen allows you to edit student records and create or assign students to specific classes. The program will initially display all students currently enrolled in the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer program, or all students whose history files are in the folder you have selected. You can then sort the records by class or by any of these parameters.


Class Reports may be sorted by several criteria, depending on the category selected. You may, for example, sort test scores by Best Performance or by the average scores.

Progress Reports may be sorted by the total number of lessons completed, number of drills completed, or by average speed and accuracy. Class Reports may be prepared for any of these categories.

  • Progress Report
  • Test Report for each test
  • Game Scores


The Individual Reports created by Keypad Manager are very similar to the reports shown in the Keypad Trainer program. From the Keypad Manager, however, you can quickly scan through any number of these reports and see how each person's history compares. Individual Reports include all of the following information.

It is particularly useful to select one of these parameters, such as the Keypad Tests Report, and then rapidly compare all history files by selecting any individual and then using the up/down arrow keys to scan the reports.


RealTime Classroom Monitor

This monitor system is useful if the Keypad Monitor program is running while a class is in session. The RealTime Monitor can then give you a continuous picture of class performance or individual student performance.

Information from all Ainsworth Keypad Trainer programs that are on line is channeled to your Keypad Manager program. Whatever report you have selected is updated continuously, giving you a "live" picture of the most current results.

If you are viewing a class report that is sorted by name, the order of the names in the report will not change as information is updated. Sort by any other parameter, and the order of the names in the class will adjust to reflect the current information. If you are viewing the Number Cruncher! scores, for example, the Class Report will rank the students by highest scores as soon as each student finishes the game.

Select an individual report and the Keypad Monitor will display the current status. Depending on the view you have selected, this continuous update could focus on any one of several parameters. The Progress Graph, for example, will change frequently if the student is working with lessons, the drills, or the game.


Printing and archival storage

Any report you create with the Ainsworth Keypad Manager may be printed and saved for permanent records. This includes both Individual and Class Reports.

Selecting the "Save" function on the main menu allows you to save any report as an rtf (word processor) file. These files may be easily stored anywhere on your computer system. This archival storage is a flexible way to maintain a time-based record of either individual or class performance.

You can also save history files as complete records, as opposed to documents. When you save a complete record by copying all the history files you will be able to use the Ainsworth Keypad Manager program at any time to view all the individual and Class Reports. Saving complete history file records is not automatic with our software. You would have to use Windows Explorer to locate the history files, and then copy them to another location for later review and analysis. If this seems daunting, or if you do not have access to the location where the history files are stored on the server, you could ask the System Administrator to copy these files to another folder or to a CD.


Internet and wi-fi options

We support Internet connected learning and other options for remote access to our software. The most common solution for distance learning is to install a copy of our single-computer software on a computer in any location, and then simply email progress reports to an instructor at regular intervals. These reports are generated automatically and are readable only by an instructor using our management software.


System security

Before you use this program, you will be asked if password protection is desired. If this program will NOT be accessible by students, you can skip this step and have one less password to remember. If there is any possibility that students could access this software, then password protection prevents unauthorized deleting of records and other possible mayhem.

Security checking of all history files is automatic. If any history file has been modified or changed since it was last saved by the Keypad Trainer program, the Keypad Manager will activate a security alert.

To see this security feature in action, select the demo version of the program and attempt to read Harry the Hacker's history file.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,