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Making sense out of dollarsIf you now enter numbers by hitting each key with your index finger, you are very prone to making errors. Not only is it easy to enter the wrong key, but when you are constantly looking back and forth between the keypad and the result, it is even easier to make a mistake or misread a number.

A few minutes a day with the Ainsworth Keypad Trainer will quickly have you running spreadsheets, entering data, or using any number keypad without looking at your hand or the keys. When you focus on the data and not the keypad, errors vanish and your efficiency soars.


Eliminate errors and improve efficiency

KeypadWhen you have mastered the keypad, each number will have a distinct "feel" that automatically tells you if you have entered it correctly. This important feedback is not present if you are pressing all the number keys with the same finger. When you have mastered the keypad, you will focus on the content and the result, not the process. This means zero keying errors and increased attention to your work with fewer distractions.


Learn faster and easier with personal lessons

Lessons matched to your current skill level are automatically created by the software as you master each of the number keys. This makes learning relatively painless, and gives you increased confidence because you will always be learning at a rate that is comfortable and efficient. You can stop and start again at any time because we adjust to your schedule and your learning style.


Dot or not to dot?

Decimal OptionsDepending on the types of calculations you will be doing, you may elect to include the decimal key as you learn the keypad. In many financial institutions the decimal key is not used for data entry. If you are using spreadsheets or calculators with decimals, you will want to include this key in your training.


Eliminate distractions with Prescription Drills

Performance GraphThese drills select any keys that you are responding to more slowly, and focus your drills to eliminate these hesitations. Overall speed will improve with these drills, but the main benefit is your improved ability to concentrate on your work. This shift is difficult to describe until you have felt the results for yourself, but you will notice a definite difference as numbers suddenly "make sense" instead of being a blur of separate digits.

Put it another way, keypad mastery will give you a perspective with numbers that is similar to that which you experienced with the alphabet when you stopped sounding out letters and began reading words.

Try Number Cruncher! for fun and games

Number Cruncher! GameAs a final boost to your confidence, we've added an all-out video game to verify and improve your number keypad skills in the most harrowing of circumstances.

When you can key flawlessly in this environment, you won't be intimidated by any mere column of figures, checkbooks out of balance, tax forms, or calculations of any type.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,