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Type with all your fingers - Think with all your brainsIf you look at the keyboard while you use your computer, you are handicapping yourself more than you realize. Just glancing down at the keys while you write breaks up the free flow of words and makes it difficult to express your ideas clearly and easily.

Give the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer program a few minutes a day and we will soon have you typing without thinking about your hands or the keys. This simple change will allow you to work smarter and write better than ever before.


Personal lessons teach faster, easier

Keyboard lessonsYour lessons are created interactively by the computer as you learn -- instead of being copied from a typing book. This makes learning incredibly efficient. Keys you know or learn quickly are passed over quickly. Keys you take more time with give you all the time you need. You can start and stop whenever you wish because the program remembers who you are, where you were last, and how well your fingers move.

The software measures your dexterity constantly and adjusts accordingly. That's why this program is loved by kids with disabilities, Senior Citizens with arthritis, and executives with no time to waste. It even works well with prisoners and other short-tempered folks who hated school.

After you've learned to type with all your fingers, the next step completely eliminates distractions that can interrupt the flow of your ideas.


Write better without distractions

Performance GraphPrescription Drills detect and eliminate visual distractions while you write. This simple exercise improves your concentration even further.

This graph shows a typical result when a person is glancing down at the keyboard while writing. In this case, the B and the V keys are being typed slower than the other keys. While this pattern won't affect overall speed that much, it will cause interruptions in your thinking. These visual interruptions make writing difficult. Eliminating this problem helps you write clearly, without effort.

Notice that the slower keys are emphasized in this drill.This is how your drill would look if these particular keys are distracting you. You can use these drills as a warm up exercise or for a highly focused practice session.

If you are thinking of a faster computer to increase your efficiency, consider how our software improves your skills and upgrades your performance permanently. You will work faster and smarter with every computer you will ever own.


Fun and games

Games are fun and a good break from the lessons. These games actually help you learn because they are designed to show you that you can type accurately at much higher speeds than Type-OH! Gameyou're used to.

The games can be used at any time for additional practice or just for fun. If you're in the middle of a lesson, the games can be limited to the keys you know.

We actually mine the data from game sequences to help us detect those slight hesitations that mean trouble when you are composing at the keyboard.

The result: Customized lessons and drills that make you a better writer, not just a faster clerk typist.


Check your results

Best Performance IndexIf you would like to know how well your skills compare, use the Typing Tester to measure your progress. Two test sections measure your ability with a variety of standard and custom tests. All tests use word processing conventions including Backspace and correct paragraphing with the Enter key. Our exclusive Best Performance Index evaluates your communication skills and shows your best work.


Bonus software improves your writing

Conversation PieceThe Conversation Piece lets you practice typing and thinking at the same time with an interactive conversation on screen. It's fun and great writing practice.

Ainsworth WriterThe Ainsworth Writer is a simplified word processor that includes a short writing course. It's ideal if you don't need a full-featured word processor.


How it works -- the software that programs you

Getting all of your fingers into the act is made a lot easier because this software simply programs your fingers and brain to respond automatically to your ideas. Writing without thinking about the keyboard is similar to saying "banana" without having to think about how your lips move -- or walking across the room without wondering about what you feet are doing at each step. In a similar way, we program your fingers and your brain so that you can see your thinking on screen without effort. The result is being able to write as well as you think.

For more information on how our exclusive software can help you write well, see Ainsworth Features© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,