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Number keypad training in the classroom

number keypad trainingNumber keypad instruction is easily added to any keyboarding class. Your students will quickly master the skills they need for data entry, form-fill, and spreadsheet applications.

Our ten-key software can be easily combined with our keyboarding software for a complete computer training environment.


Corporate data entry training

Eliminate keying errors in your organization with personalized number keypad training. Provide anyone who runs numbers or spreadsheets the ability to enter data with an automatic cross check on accuracy.

You can also train and test with a variety of form-fill and data entry configurations matched to job requirements. Our training software may be distributed easily via your network.


Ten-key training for increased personal productivity

Poking at the 10-key number keypad with your index finger is hazardous to your financial health. Learn to run numbers automatically and you avoid errors while you speed up your work. The Ainsworth Keypad Trainer gives you the skill to run any calculator or spreadsheet software without looking at the keys or your hand.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,