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Adaptive LessonsYour lessons are individually created by the computer and do not just come from a typing book. So you can learn the alphabet keys as quickly as possible with this series of lessons created especially for you.

If you're having a problem with a particular key, the program waits patiently until you have mastered it.

Similarly,a key you learn quickly or already know is passed as soon as the program verifies that you are using the correct fingering and that are typing this new key at your own average speed.

You will begin with the alphabet keys, shown here. Stop and start again whenever you wish, and your lessons continue automatically.


What finger goes where?

Hands-ON! MonotorThere's no need to even think about the correct fingering because the software takes care of the details.

If your hands aren't in the right position, or if you're typing out of sequence, we let you know.

If your left hand is out of position, for example, the program stops and displays this diagram. This automatic correction eliminates the main cause for looking at the keyboard while learning to type or while using a computer. Even glancing at the keyboard while composing a document or creating text in any word processor or email program will interrupt the process.


Fun and games

Type-OH! gameA series of typing games make learning a bit easier and a lot more fun. As soon as you have learned enough keys to create simple words, try the Type-OH! game. Limit the game to the keys you've learned and see how it feels to be able to touch-type at really high speeds. You can use the games at any time for extra practice on the keys you have learned so far.


Shift and punctuation

Shift and punctuation lessonAdding the shift and punctuation keys quickly builds your skills so that you can write efficiently with any email program or word processor.

The Punctuation Lessons begin with the shift keys for making capital letters, and then include the other punctuation marks.

Keyboard Numbers and Symbols

Keyboard NumbersLearning the alphabet and the punctuation keys is certainly all you need to write efficiently. But thanks to the Internet and email, everybody needs the @ symbol.

The Keyboard Numbers and Symbols courses will soon have you typing anything without looking at the keys or being distracted.


Need Help?

Just press F1 any time to see a Help screen with more information. The first time you try a new section of the program, we show Help automatically. After that, Help is available whenever you request it.

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