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Performance GraphPrescription Drills improve your writing by developing your ability to compose on screen without being distracted by the keyboard. Adequate typing speed is important, but the critical factor in being able to use email and word processing programs effectively is the ability to express your ideas on screen without any distractions.

What kills creativity and makes writing difficult is often the keyboard itself. Just glancing down at the keys can interrupt your thinking. These visual distractions interfere with the visualization of your ideas.

In the time it would normally take for you to simply learn to type, our software will also teach you express your ideas on screen. You will soon be able to work smarter and write better.

If you were glancing at the B and V keys while you
type, for example, your graph would show these hesitations clearly.

Your Prescription Drill would then focus on these keys, eliminating the tendency to glance down at them while you are typing. While your overall speed would increase after just a couple of these focused drills, the most important improvement would be your ability to express ideas without being distracted.

Focused learning

You might think that drill and practice sessions that repeat the keys you hit wrong would be a good way to stop hitting the wrong keys. While that seems like a good idea, just catching errors and repeating these keys is not the answer to improving you efficiency and your ability to write well. The real problem keys are not the ones you occasionally get wrong. The keys that block the free flow of your ideas are the keys you think about or look at while you are trying to focus on your work.

Our breakthrough was developing the software technology to detect keys you visualize while typing, instead of just counting errors. This is actually a complex process using advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive modeling techniques. With that perspective, our software detects and eliminates these hidden blocks to expressing ideas easily and well. As practice sessions or as a warm-up exercise, these drills will soon make a difference in your personal productivity, making all your computer programs more efficient. But your primary benefit is that the keyboard becomes invisible as you simply see your ideas on screen without effort.

ed, the appropriate help screen will appear automatically. These extra lessons are available in alllessons and drills, but are not active during testing.

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