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Try the Report Manager ProgramThe Ainsworth Report Manager program is included in network versions of the Keyboard Trainer and the Keypad Trainer. You can install this software on any Windows computer in your network and view or print a wide variety of individual and class reports.

Keyboard Trainer and Keypad Trainer - document performance.
Individual Reports - view and compare student progress.
Class Reports - review class progress reports and test results.
Installation and setup
- optimize network for class reporting.
History file location - read files in any location on your network.
System security
- view, print, and save history files.
Demo Report Program - view sample reports.
Printing and archival storage - individual and class reports.


Keyboard Trainer and Keypad Trainer

Both Keyboard Trainer and Keypad Trainer history files may be read and evaluated by the Report Manager software. The Individual Report will show the same information as the reporting system in the individual keyboard or the keypad program. The Class Report will be similar for both programs and will show an overview, the game scores, and complete information on all tests.


Individual Reports

The Individual Reports created by Report Manager are very similar to the reports shown in the keyboard and keypad programs. From the Report Manager, however, you can quickly scan through any number of these reports and see how each person's history compares. A one-page summary report may be printed with either the Report Manager program or from the individual keyboard or keypad software at any time. Individual Reports include all of the following information.

It is particularly useful to select one of these parameters, such as the Alphabet Keys Report, and then rapidly compare all history files by selecting any individual and then using the up/down arrow keys to scan the reports.

  • Status Report
  • Word Processing Tests or Keypad Tests
  • Basic Skills Tests or Data Entry Tests
  • Progress Graph
  • Game Scores

Class Reports

These reports combine data from all the individual history files and present an overview for the entire class, which may be printed or saved. Saving a Class Report as a text file provides an archival record of class performance.

Class Reports may be sorted by several criteria, depending on the category selected. You may, for example, sort test scores by Best Performance or by the average scores. Progress Reports may be sorted by the total number of lessons completed, number of drills completed, or by average speed and accuracy. Class Reports may be prepared for any of these categories.

  • Progress Report
  • Test Report for each test
  • Game Scores

Installation and setup

Report Manager may be installed on any Windows computer and used to read Ainsworth files on your system. You may wish to organize history files at the network level to facilitate class reporting with the Report Manager program. If all student files are located in a single folder, opening that folder in Report Manager allows access to all student history files and creates both individual and class reports for the entire group. With multiple classes, you may wish to organize student files so that each class is represented by an individual folder. This option would allow you to easily open a class folder and view or print reports for that class only.


History file location

Regardless of their location, history files may be read from any point in the network. The Report Manager software may be installed on any Windows computer in the system that has access to the history file locations.

Including one level of sub folders option may be checked whenever you open files in Report Manager. If you check this option, all history files immediately below or within the selected folder will be available for individual or class reports.


System security

Security checking of all history files is automatic. If any history file has been modified or changed since it was last saved by either the Keyboard Trainer program or the Keypad Trainer program, the Report Manager will activate a security alert. To see this security feature in action, select the demo version of the program and attempt to read Harry the Hacker's history file. System security will also activate if a file is inadvertently damaged, as with a bad sector on a hard disk. Files saved on floppy disks, using the Drive A option, are particularly prone to read/write errors and will trigger a security alert if any portion of the file is not returned exactly as it was saved by the Ainsworth software.



Demo report program

The demo program used with the Ainsworth Sampler 4 has been included in the complete version of the Report Manager so that you can easily experiment with the individual and class reporting features. You can select this demo program from the OPEN function, or you can select it at any time from the main menu under "Help."


Printing and archival storage

Both Individual and Class Reports may be printed and saved for permanent records.


Selecting the "Save" function on the main menu allows you to save any report as an rtf (word processor) file. These files may be easily stored anywhere on your computer system.

This archival storage is a flexible way to maintain a time-based record of either individual or class performance.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,