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If you would like a complete analysis of your typing skill, or if you would just like to check and see how much your typing has improved, a complete reporting system is available at any time. We continuously report your current speed and accuracy in all the lessons and drills. But if you would like a more complete analysis, just check the Reports section of the main menu.

These eight on-screen reports give you an overview of your progress, complete reports on all four typing courses, analysis of your typing and word processing tests, and summary of your Type-OH! game scores.


Progress ReportProgress Report

This basic report is one of the eight reports that are available. This summary shows your progress to date and illustrates your best performance in each of the lessons and drills.

Test Report

A complete test report is available only at the conclusion of any test. This printout shows your test scores and a complete copy of the test as typed. Any errors left on screen are marked, so you can see exactly how your test compares with the original copy.


Keyboard Manager

In a network system, the Keyboard Manager provides individual reports and class reports for everyone on the network.

The individual reports,shown above, as well as specific reports covering each test, progress in the lessons and drills, and even the game scores are available and can be viewed, printed, or saved as text files.

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