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Windows 95 or later including windows XP/NT/2K

Complete installation 15MB

Each history file 3 KB

Actual storage space required may be less, depending on other DLL and OCX files that may already be present in the Windows\System folder. A separate history file is automatically created for each user.

We support several versions of the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer. If you are using computers with Windows 95 or later, then the current version will give you the best possible performance. If, however, you are using older computers with Windows 3.x or DOS, we can substitute earlier versions of this same product. We can even supply keyboarding software that still runs on much older computers with no mouse, no color, no brains, and not much speed.

Under a single network or site license we can mix-and-match software versions as required to have all of your computers operating with the most advanced keyboarding system possible.

If you have any special requirements for distance learning applications, remote installation over a network, or other exotica, just contact Dick Ainsworth who actually enjoys figuring out stuff like that.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,