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Adaptive lessons
Ainsworth & Partners, Inc. - company page
Ainsworth & Partners, Inc. - Internet home page
Ainsworth Conversation Piece - Conversation Piece - Workplace Learning
Ainsworth, Dick - personal page
Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer
Ainsworth Keypad Trainer
Ainsworth Writer
Ainsworth Writer - Workplace Learning
Ainsworth Writer - Custom Configurations
Accountant Power (AC) - And so forth
All about BS
Allen, Paul - Once upon a time
Am I learning anything? - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
And so forth
Artificial Intelligence
Artwick, Bruce - Once upon a time
Auto-Help - Workplace Learning


Basic Skill Tests
BASIC - Once upon a time
Backspace key- Hands-ON! - All about BS - FAQ - Typing Tester
Best Performance Index, keyboard
Best Performance Index, keypad
Best Performance Index - verification - Teaching fingers to fly
bonus software - Typing to write
brain (left/right) - And so forth
brain (programming the) - How to walk and chew gum at the same time - How it works - creativity
brain (yours) - Teaching fingers to fly
Burst Typing - Type-OH! - Teaching fingers to fly - Number Cruncher!


capital letters (Shift Key) - Hands-ON!
capital letters (Caps Lock) - Hands-ON!
Caps Lock
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carriage return
Classroom - keyboard - keypad
client - Network Installation
cognitive modeling - How to walk and chew gum at the same time
Common Problems - Technical Support
communication skills - Workplace Learning
Composition - Prescription Drills
computer-aided instruction - Artificial Intelligence
computer expert - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
computer games - Type-OH! - Number Cruncher!
computer hardware - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
computer training - Workplace Learning
computing (early) - And so forth
Contact us
Conversation Piece
Conversation Piece - Custom Configurations
Conversation Piece - Workplace Learning - In the classroom
copy typing - Adaptive lessons - AI
copyright - ©
Corporation - keyboard - keypad
correct fingering - Hands-ON!
correct fingering (can't use?) - FAQ
Correct typing - automatically
creative keyboarding - Workplace Learning
creativity - Introduction to Keyboarding - enhancing creativity
creative writing - focused learning - enhancing creativity
credit cards - Ordering
custom configurations - keyboard - keypad
custom tests - keyboard - keypad
custom tests, installing keyboard - keypad


Data Entry Tests - Keypad Trainer
decimal option, keypad
desktop publishing - Ainsworth Writer
Dick Ainsworth - personal page
disabilities - FAQ
disk read/write errors
Do I need a computer to do this? - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
documentation, including with program - Custom Configurations
DOS - System Requirements
Drive A - (can't read)
Drive A, saving files to - Custom Configurations
drill and practice - focused learning


"educational software" - How to tell the Good Stuff?
editing - Personal word processing
efficiency - Workplace Learning
ELIZA - Conversation Piece
email - Contact us
enrichment - composition and word processing
enrichment - writing skills
Enter Key - Hands-ON!
errors, correcting - Hands-ON!
evaluation - Workplace Learning
expert - How can you tell the Good Stuff?


F2 Key - F3 Key - Lesson Advance
FAQ - frequently asked questions
Fax - Ordering
fingering, teaching correct fingering - Hands ON!
Flight Simulator - Once upon a time
focused learning
form-fill - Data Entry Tests - Keypad Trainer
frequently asked questions about keyboarding - FAQ
From typing to keyboarding


game sound effects - Sound Effects - In the classroom
games - Type-OH! - Number Cruncher!
Gates, Bill - Once upon a time - Personal Page
grade level - FAQ
grades - FAQ
Graduate from copying to creating. - Conversation Piece
Great American Novel (writing the) - Personal word processing


hackers (attempts to modify history files)
Happy Hackers Page
hand diagrams - FAQ
Hands-ON! monitoring - In the classroom
hardware - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
Help! - computer training - Workplace Learning - workbook
history files, configurations - keyboard - keypad
history of typing - And so forth
home row keys - Hands-ON!
How can you tell the Good Stuff?
How to walk and chew gum at the same time


IBM - Adaptive Lessons
In the classroom - keyboard - keypad
In the corporation - keyboard - keypad
Installation and Setup
installation, keyboard
installation, keypad
Instant Replay - Typing Tester
Instructor's Guide
interactive programming - How to walk and chew gum at the same time
Internet - Ainsworth home page
interval timing
intelligence - Artificial Intelligence
Internet (writing for) - Teaching fingers to fly
Introducing personal software
Introduction to Keyboarding


job related testing
Jump Option - lesson advance


keyboard diagrams - FAQ
keypad training


learn to type
lesson advance option
Lessons, The
lessons advance too fast
lessons advance too slowly
licenses - Single-Computer - Network


magic fingers (bad idea) - hand pictures
media errors
measuring performance - Typing Tester - classroom - corporation
Microsoft - Once upon a time - Adaptive Lessons - Personal Page
mind training - How to walk and chew gum at the same time
mixed data - Data Entry Tests - Keypad Trainer
mouse (missing) - System Requirements
multi-user lists - Custom Configurations


name wrong when program starts Technical Support
names and addresses - Keypad Trainer
network installation, keyboard
network installation, keypad
network systems
network - license
number keypad - personal - classroom - corporation
number keypad - Learning the 10-key number keypad
Number Cruncher!


off-by-one - Hands-ON!
older computers - System Requirements
Once upon a time
Order Form - Ordering
Ordering - Keyboard Trainer - Keypad Trainer
order entry, evaluation - Workplace Learning
out of position typing - Hands-ON!


paragraphs (word wrap) - Hands-ON!
password protection - Custom Configurations
performance graph - Speed and accuracy
performance verification, keyboard - Classroom - Workplace Learning
performance verification, keypad
personal computer - And so forth
personal lessons - The Lessons
personal productivity - focused learning
personal software, introducing - Adaptive Lessons
personalized lessons, keyboard - personalized lessons - In the classroom
personalized lessons, keypad - Keypad Trainer
Personal word processing
pictures of hands - FAQ
Prescription Drills
Prescription Drills, keyboard - Workplace Learning
Prescription Drills, keypad
Prices and Ordering - Keyboard Trainer - Keypad Trainer
Print Test Results - Typing Tester
Print Test Results - Keypad Trainer
printed and on-screen reports
programmer, requirements for - FAQ
programming, interactive - How to walk and chew gum at the same time
progress graph - printed and on-screen reports - Keyboard Manager
proprioceptive conditioning - How to walk and chew gum at the same time

Q - contacting Ainsworth


real-time modification - How to walk and chew gum at the same time
Reynolds, Eleanor - Conversation Piece
repeat testing -performance verification
replacing tests - Custom Tests
reports, keyboard, printout - printed and on-screen reports
reports, keypad, printout - printed and on-screen reports
Reports - Evaluating and documenting progress
Review Test - Typing Tester
Review Test - Keypad Trainer


secretarial typing (copy typing) - Adaptive lessons - AI
self-correcting lessons - computer training - Workplace Learning
Senior Citizens - personalized lessons - personal software
server - Network Installation
setup - Installation and Setup
Shift key
Shift and punctuation
single-computer - license
site licenses
skills improvement - Workplace Learning
skills verification - job related testing
software, selecting - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
software claims - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
sound effects, limiting - Custom Configurations
special needs - AI - keyboard - keypad -grade level
Stand-Alone Installation
Status Report - printed and on-screen reports
system requirements


Teacher's Guide
Teaching fingers to fly
Technical Support
ten-key training - personal - classroom - corporation
TEST1.WP file - Custom Tests
tests, keyboard, creating your own - Custom Tests
tests, keyboard - FAQ
test report, keyboard - Classroom - Workplace Learning
test report, keypad
testing, job related - Workplace Learning
testing, performance verification - Workplace Learning
Thoughts made visible - Ainsworth Writer
timed writings - In the classroom
timed writings - Typing Tester
Type with all your fingers
Typing Tester - classroom - corporation
Typing to write
Typing Tutor (the first) - From typing to keyboarding - Once upon a time - Adaptive lessons - Personal Page
Type-OH! Game
"typewriter" (the person) - And so forth
typewriter techniques


verifying skills - job related testing
visualizations while typing - FAQ


warm up - focused learning
weak keys, eliminating - focused practice
Weizenbaum, Joseph - Conversation Piece
Will this program help me teach? - How can you tell the Good Stuff?
word wrap - In the classroom
work related testing - job related testing
workbook - FAQ
Workplace Learning
workstation - Network Installation
word processing - Ainsworth Writer
word processing (early) - And so forth
word processing evaluation - Workplace Learning
Word Processing Tests - classroom - corporation
Word Processing Tests (replacing) - Custom Tests - Custom Configurations
Word Processing Test Report - printed and on-screen reports
word wrap - Typing Tester
word wrap (errors) - Hands-ON!
writing skills - Typing to write
writing skills, developing
wrong name when program starts

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