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Punching numbers into the keypad with your index finger is hazardous. You can easily lose your place in a column of figures, and looking back and forth between the screen and the keypad is especially error prone.

The Ainsworth Keypad Trainer can quickly teach you to key in numbers automatically. This gives you an automatic cross-check because each number will have a distinct "feel." When keying becomes automatic, you won't have to enter a list of numbers a second time just to check the correct entries.

Focusing your attention on complete numbers, instead of separate digits, will also give you an overview of the information you're dealing with.

Keypad TrainerThis is a separate program and may be used with the Keyboard Trainer or independently. Data entry and form-fill simulations give real-world practice. The Number Cruncher! game adds the confidence to run numbers flawlessly.

Decimals on/offA special option allows you to include the decimal key or not. Your choice will depend on whether you use the number keypad in banking and financial applications, or in general calculations and spreadsheets.

For details, see Keypad Trainer

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