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Basic Skills Tests

How well are you typing? The continuous on-screen printout of speed and accuracy gives you a good idea, but for a more complete performance check, try the Basic Skills Test Select Alphabet Words and the program will generate a custom test, using random words. You can also evaluate your performance on sentences, keyboard numbers, and symbols.

If you would like a permanent record of your test results, you can print a graded copy of your test that includes your speed and accuracy scores. This printout also highlights your best performance.

Word Processing TestsWord Processing Tests

You can also practice and test keyboarding skills with an assortment of Word Processing Tests. Each of these eight tests may be used as timed writings, or they may be typed as a complete document. These tests are designed specifically to duplicate the experience of writing in a word processor or an email editor program.

Complete computer conventions are used throughout. This includes word wrap and correct paragraphing with the Enter key as well as allowing backspace correction while taking any test.

Typing Tests begin automatically when the first key is typed, and end at the allotted time or when the complete test is finished. A test can be ended at any time by pressing the Esc key.

Custom tests

You can easily create custom word processing tests by replacing any of these standard tests with your own word processing files. Our industrial clients often use specific tests that are tailored to their requirements. In the classroom, custom tests frequently include subject matter that's specific to a particular class or age group.

Learn more about our custom test option and see how easily you can add your own test or practice materials to our software by checking either of these links.

Custom Typing Tests for the Keyboard

Custom Typing Tests for the Number Keypad

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