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Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer

Ainsworth Keyboard TrainerProfessional keyboarding and computer training for individuals, schools, and corporations.

Adaptive lessons automatically match any skill level.

Monitor and document progress.


Ainsworth Keypad Trainer

Ainsworth Keypad Trainer

Number keypad training for the ten key.

Improves efficiency and eliminates errors.

Teaches data entry skills and adjusts automatically for each person



Dick Ainsworth created the original Typing Tutor software over 30 years ago.
This first educational program for the personal computer was marketed by both Microsoft and IBM. This program also introduced the interval timing and user modeling technology that eliminates looking at keys, assures correct fingering, and trains writing skills.

Today, Ainsworth & Partners offers two complete software systems focusing on keyboard training and number keypad training. Our exclusive Hands-On! software continuously monitors hand position during typing lessons or drills and warns instantly if hands are not on the home row keys. This eliminates the major reason people look at the keyboard when learning to type. Instead of covering the keyboard or using continuous finger diagrams and other visual distractions, our software avoids "home row" problems through better instructional design.

Adaptive lessons measure individual dexterity and automatically set the pace of the lessons to match each person - from students with special needs to adults. The software senses these subtle differences and sets a pace that's ideal for each person. This allows anyone to learn to type accurately and well, at whatever speed is appropriate.

After the correct fingering is mastered, Prescription Drills eliminate even minor hesitations and any tendency to glance down at the keyboard. Slower keys are detected and corrected automatically with tailored computer-generated exercises. The goal is to create on-screen composition skills that allow people to write as fast and as well as they think.

Our typing games are far more than just entertainment. The Type-Oh! games may be combined with lessons and drills at any time for additional practice, for speed building, or just as an alternate way to learn. We use keyboard data from the games to identify and automatically correct even minor hesitations that will later interfere with writing and composition.

Typing tests evaluate and document progress with our test materials or yours. Our exclusive Best Performance Index measures actual proficiency in addition to reporting speed and accuracy scores. Your custom tests can be added at any time. Reports are also available on demand for printout and for instructor or student review.

Typing to write enrichment programs expand keyboarding beyond simply typing to include on-screen composition and writing skills. Both programs below are included in the Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer:

Conversation Piece trains typing and thinking at the same time. This interactive, on-screen typed conversation is highly personal and fun. This program elevates typing from copying text to expressing ideas and focusing on content.

Ainsworth Writer is a simplified word processor created specifically for beginning writers. With this self-teaching program, students can easily create and print documents as part of a keyboarding class. A short writing course is included.

Installation Guide covers all the technical details - including networking, distance learning via the Internet, and site licensing for any Windows system. Our standard network installation also supports terminal servers and similar networks.

Instructors Guide offers suggestions for both keyboard training and number keypad training in the classroom.

Manager Software gives the classroom instructor complete tools for creating and evaluating keyboarding and number keypad classes.© 2014 Ainsworth & Partners,